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Imagine Wisdom Education is happy to be partnered with One Community
in its goals of creating “the open-source blueprints for a sustainable civilization.”


If ever there were a playground for children and adults, One Community is creating it.
Designed to maximize an attentive and stimulating environment, One Community utilizes the talents of an entire community and its partnership with Imagine Wisdom Education to integrate education in art, music, nature and participation in the community experience. The levels of space, freedom and diversity of outdoor activities that are offered to every child’s day in such a community, just aren’t possible in a traditional city environment.

For more information visit http://www.onecommunityranch.com
and their new site http://www.onecommunityranch.org



ANDREA BADGER – Our Healing Energy Master Teacher and also one of our Elders

LEE-ANN CONNELLY – Our Master Body Talk Teacher – BodyTalk is a 100% natural, holistic, non-intrusive communication tool that allows a practitioner to simply and effectively create internal awareness of emotional, physical and environmental triggers that may be contributing to a dis-eased state and prompts the client’s body to effectively heal itself. ©  I will also have information about Dr Sears L.E.A.N. Program available.

JESSICA DE STEPHANO – Master Multi-Talented Artist: Clay, Sculptures, Video, Photography & more! Jessica is the expression of Creativity and Service. We are blessed to  have her be part of our team.

HEATHER GAIL GEORGE – Consultant On Our Advisory Board
My formal studies were as a formal Elementary Teacher and then in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies. I’ve also been an outdoor/sports educator in swimming and ice skating as well as a cross-country ski coach for the Special Olympics.  Now teaching Yoga Therapy on Stand-Up Paddle Board and I have supported the development of various schools and outreach programs for children around the world.

SERVET HASAN – Our Master Intuitive Teacher and Published Author will be helping our youth to connect with their inner knowing and to access it masterfully.

DAMIEN JONESOur Master Tipi builder who will come help us as soon as we have a land to build a Tipi or more on, is also a Math Teacher at Rock Point High School, on Navaho Reservation Land in Arizona. Born and raised there, Damien is an expert on Native American Cultures and Native Healing Arts, such as Mandala Sand Painting, Song, Dances, Crafts, Moccasins and more.

DEBORAH MC GILL – Our Master Therapist and Principal

RUTH MILLS – She one of our elders who lives in Laguna Woods, retired, ceramic artist
and did a lot of work with Paul Heusenstamm. Ruth has done a ceramics program with children in the past and is interested to participate with IWE students.  “Ceramics are great, making magic vessels for the garden spirits and whatever seems like a good idea to the children at the time.”

MICA MONET – “I feel I am here to bring people to participate with IWE and also feel I can help children tap into there inner guidance, spirituality and creativity. Empower them to follow their dreams and believe in themselves.”

ELIZABETH PERLMANThe Intuitive Writing Project leads curriculum-based empowerment programs for teenage girls. Through writing, girls learn how to tell their story, discover their strengths, and realize their capacity for leadership.
By graduation, each girl emerges with not only an exceptional writing portfolio but also a greater awareness of who she is, what she stands for, and what she wants to create in life—for herself and the world. www.intuitivewritingproject.org

ANDREA RIGGS – Our Master Holistic Healer – Her practice includes: Hypnotherapy, Meridian Tapping, Guided Imagery, NLP techniques and meditation. She facilitates groups using healing circle practices and principles. She assists children in learning methods to maintain balance and clarity in their lives.

KIMBERLEE SCHULTZ – One of our Master Story Telling Angels
Author of The StarPals Series, is dedicated to the empowerment of children throughout the world. “The child within is always calling us to nurture our curiosity and creativity.  I’m very encouraged by the IWE vision, an opportunity to inspire and empower all children to explore their innate gifts and talent without limits.”  Kimberlee.

PILAR STELLAOne of our Master Story Telling Angels, Pilar is a passionate visionary working on furthering the impacts of women and youth, minorities, conscious capitalism, social responsibility and strategic philanthropy. She has two conscious start up companies that combine capitalism and social good with a more yin approach. One Giving is building a multi-channel media/technology platform to make giving more easy, transparent and impactful. Alchemy P4 which is an investment fund focused on women, minorities and socially responsible companies with a pay it forward component. Pilar is also a Kundalini yogi, gong master and peace author who is a strong advocate for a global women’s, spiritual, peace and conscious business movement. More info at www.pilarstella.com.

KT TURNER – Our Successful Unschooling Advisory Board Member.

LORI YOST – Our Master Compassionate Communication Teacher.

DAMIEN – our Tipi builder from the Navaho Reservation and the Math teacher of Rock Point Community School, is a phone call away.

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