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Dr. Deborah Mc Gill – Heart Wisdom – Part of the I-WE Team :)

“I was an educator and principal for many years… It is different now with the indigo and the crystal children coming forward, everything is changing… I-WE provides what has been missing… with  hands on, going into the heart of the children and educating the parents as well… getting the kids in the earth and connected with community… with only love, no shame… We have to bring the kids back with meditation, yoga, grounded in their bodies… We need balance and that is what I-WE is bringing up.”

Susan Hough Testimonial – Livingyourgifts.com – Part of the I-WE Team :)

“I believe this is the best type of education to give your child. The program really allows you to find what it is that child was brought into this world to do… Through rituals, finding out what makes that kid joyous and brings passion out… When we can open and expand our children to listen to their intuition, all else will fall into alignment and they will be happy and they will make money doing what they love…”

Brad and Lauren Magers – Sponsors of the Laguna Beach I-WE program:

“We have four children… After seeing  the difference and huge impact from what the I-WE program has done for our younger children who are so adaptable… have love in their hearts, harmony, peace, and are individual thinkers and leaders… we are taking our 11 and 13 years old out of the public school system…”

Mariana Della Valle – Mother of Sloane (almost 4 years old :)

I looked a long time and visited a lot of schools before I found the I-WE system which is the perfect fit for my family… If I had a nanny at home alone with my child individually I wouldn’t have more care than I do now… It is like combining everything good… environment, balanced play and learning, community… I see more gratitude in my child at meal times, better sharing and more calm… bringing out more who she is which is a beautiful thing!”

Larisa Stow Testimonial – Mother of Aria, 14 and Astara who just turned two :)

“I feel such an incredible relief that this vision is being brought forward in the world… I am so moved by Satyanna’s passion and her commitment to children and their unique self expression, encouraging them to see their inner connection with the world… I don’t think there is anything more important then really loving our children and finding exactly what is going to help them grow into.. the full blooming of who they are. I-WE is what we need on this planet right now to bring out the best in our children.”

Jay Della Valle – Father of 3 and half years old Sloane :)

“We are incredibly happy… Nothing generic here, everyone gets what they need… These early years are really important in establishing the fundamentals of communication, listening, patience that determine whether your child is going to absorb life and society in the right types of way… Inspiration matters… Satyanna really listens and focuses on each kid… She determined early on that the foods we were feeding our child may affect her behavior… That is part of the way she thinks with regards to the overall picture… She molded this program as a reflection on how she looks at the world…”

Maura Hoffman – Fairy God Mother to Astara who is one year old :)

“I have worked with children for over 20 years with Waldorf… and Montessori… What I love about I-WE is that is it really well rounded…  and incorporates every part of a growing child to be who they really are… Satyanna’s son, Christofer, helped inspire the I-WE model, which is truly a blessing. Satyanna was one of the most precious mother to this beautiful child and now she is a mother to all children… It’s more than just schooling for children, it is a way of life… It’s community, it is heart based, it is Spirit in Action.”

Miguel Amador Testimonial – Father of Isla, 4 and Ocean 8 (Viva one year old is waiting :)

“My daughters have been through the I-WE program and it has been a wonderful, nurturing experience that has helped the development of both my children, with everything from language, counting, french… It has been an absolutely incredible program for us and… we completely endorse I-WE.”

Lauren Magers – Mom of Payton (almost 5) and Parker (3), Ryan (11) and Nathan (13)

“Our main focus is to raise children of a higher consciousness… We want to give our children the best opportunity to really showcase who they are as souls and to utilize their talents and gifts at the highest level without being put behind a desk and we feel that Satyanna’s program is a way for them to really benefit in life… the leadership qualities… the imagination, the pride, the care, the selective heart to heart thread versus of the head thread is really what I have seen… and I am eternally grateful for that.”




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