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Satyanna normal

(formerly Anna Luken Krajec)
Satyanna@me.com 949-412-8948
Montessori, French and Yoga Teacher

Author of “ABC of Conscious Parenting – Agreements Before (and after) Conceiving

and I-WE Imagine Wisdom Education

Website Designer, Photographer and Philanthropy Festival Organizer
Satyanna is eager to share these skills with the students at IWE.

Satyanna Chris Luken, born and raised in France, is the Visionary behind IWE and the Founder of Green Valentines Festivals which were both created to raise awareness on sustainable living and aimed at creating a bright future of our children.

Satyanna was trained in the Montessori method in 1997 and taught seven years at Anneliese’s Academy, a Waldorf inspired, Multiple-Intelligences focus school. She brings many other skills to the table: 20 years of teaching children (ages two to twenty), extensive world travel, working with teens and adults in the fields of yoga, meditation and personal growth.

The book she wrote, “ABC of Conscious Parenting, Agreements Before (and after) Conceiving” was inspired by her son Christofer, whom she lost to a brain tumor in 2008, just before his fourth birthday. You can buy this book on Amazon or as an e-book on her website: www.ABCofConsciousParenting.com. The book is endorsed by many, including Marianne Williamson (Spiritual Activist, Lecturer and Founder of Peace Alliance and Project Angel Food, as well as Author of 4 Best Seller Books) and Stephen Farmer (award winning author of Children’s Spirit Animal Stories and Cards).

In 2010, Satyanna taught an eight year old autistic boy for a period of 8 months and was instrumental in his ability to learn, connect with other children and finding a sense of overall peace. She has since worked with a few more special needs children who did exceptionally well with the IWE model, especially the Montessori part of the program, drumming and yoga.

Satyanna is committed to connecting, inspiring and empowering young people. Her vision is to create communities around the world where the younger children have role models to learn from, while the older ones have a chance to develop life-long leadership skills. Elders come to share their wisdom with the youth and vice-versa.

Love is her inspiration and she has held this vision of a new education system for our youth for many years. Finally she has connected with and gathered amazing community leaders who are willing to share their passion and skills with our youth.



AMI SATTINGER – Our Master Story teller, Puppeteer, Astrologer with a Waldorf foundation comes daily to foster play based learning and enrich the imagination of our children.

SUSAN HOUGH – Our Master Ritual and Ancient Wisdom Teacher with Sobonfu assists IWE students with Rites of Passages, which are so important. We are so blessed to bring these rituals back to our community. Susan helps our children remember their gifts and work with the intuitive part of their nature, as done in the Dagara tradition in Africa.

LIN MARELIC – Master Drummer, Gong Player, Crystal Sound Healing  will also be implementing an introductory Computer Program for the children.                                                                                                                                                                                       “Music therapy is my passion, as you know, and as an educator, my goal is to raise the vibration of the planet through sound healing.  I knew I would be working with kids and broaden their knowledge of music and sound vibration.  I’m excited to be working together with you on this project.”

VERONIQUE PORTER – Certified Ayengar Yoga Teacher and Master Artist from France, will teach occasional classes to our children.

REV. KAREN TRUJILLO-HERFFERNAN, founder of Surfin’ Your Soul is a mother, author and speaker who holds a bachelors degree in Sociology and is certified in Early Childhood Education; Perpetual Motor Development; Family Coaching, Re-connective Healing; Angel Therapy; Heart-thread & Accelerated Thinking Process. Karen comes in once a month for a special project with the children. She does special lessons with the children. Her last one in our Pre-K program was the story: The Carrot Seed followed with the children planting a seed with her and taking it home.

ROSE WAZANA – Master Art Teacher from Anneliese Academy will come teach occasional classes to our children.

PAM WICKS – Master Music Teacher – Music Director and Kirtan Leader – Comes to play world music and Kirtan with the children.

In addition, new masters in their field and passionate leaders from the community come to share their skills with our children or we will go meet them in their world on our field trip days. Such trip is scheduled this week in our Pre-K program to go visit a Monarch Butterfly garden that our multi-talented Clay Artist Jessica De Stephano has lovingly installed. Jessica is also one of our Master teachers who occasionally comes teach a class to the children :)


PREVIOUS TEAM 2010 – 2013

CATHERINE AMANDA CLARK, Ed. D. – Our Selfhood Master Teacher
Catherine has taught part-time in Africa for 20 years and is a doll maker that creates images that address social injustice. She has a non-profit that makes dolls for children of trauma resulting from her extensive background in the arts and child development. Her interest in nurturing wholeness is reflected in her two books on the subject of development of selfhood. A graduate of Pacific Oaks College, Catherine has an Early Childhood Credential, Master Degree in Human Development and African Studies and a Doctorate in Education from Fielding Graduate university.

Retired Master Waldorf Teacher has committed 10 to 20 hours per week with our children and we are so grateful to have him on our team.


“I have almost 30 years experience as a Special Educator, serving all age levels and levels of disabilities. I currently serve as Education Specialist at the district level.
I oversee 12 schools, middle, high and adult transition programs, as well as the new teachers trainings (I have 13 this year!) and I teach the Non-violent Crisis Intervention and Prevention Program as have my 8 to Great certification.” She is eager to join IWE full time.

LINDA CROW – Native American Teachings
Native American Drumming, Singing and Dancing for Children of all Ages and Challenges. “My Cheyenne Mom’s last wish was for me to teach these ways to the Children, for they are our Future. And then these Sacred Traditions cannot be lost.” Hah-Hoh! Linda Crow is eager to share these songs and dances with the IWE students.

Special Facilitator of our Youth Ages 18-24 is committed to empowering this group of our youth that is often thought of as ready for independent living, yet still can use loving guidance, listening and recognition.

Our Master Spanish Teacher has a BA in Psychology and over 10 years of teaching experience with children all ages. She taught in the Nursery, Pre-school, Kindergarden and also substituted for grade school at Anneliese Academy. She is one of 8 children and mother of 2 bilingual children herself. Has committed to 10-20 hours with the IWE students.

Our Master Ritual and Ancient Wisdom Teacher with Sobonfuwill be assisting IWE students with Rites of Passages which are so important. We are so blessed to bring these rituals back to our community.

MICHELLE HUTCHINSON – Our Original Logo Designer
Professional Artist, Conscious Consumer Activist, Creative Community Builder and Recycled Art Master has offered her studio as a place for children to: “Experience their own unique gifts in the creative process so they may recognize their place in the universal law of Creation, a place of Possibility and Empowerment.”

Our Amazingly Wonderful NAAM YOGA TEACHERS – NAAM is the yoga of the heart. We work with our Breathing, Body Awareness, Mudras, Meditation and Mantras while Chanting. Gratitude and Reverence are a deep part of this practice.

MAGELA – Our Master Assistant Teacher who raised 5 beautiful children, one very conscious 17 year old, Juliette, who formed “The Concious Club” in her Laguna Beach High School with over 50 members and is now studying and teaching at UC Santa Cruz.

DEBI MC KEE – Our Lemurian Crystal Healing Energy Master Teacher who swims and surfs with the dolphins and her 11 years old daughter Lucie who has already offered her help with our younger children this summer. We are so blessed to have them both on the team. Debi specializes in Color whether in Energy or Textiles, with 25 years in Fashion Design she is eager to teach the concept of Designing with the young people at IWE.

LINDA LEWIS ELBERT – Our Master Cook and Teacher has generously offered her home and amazing kitchen for weekly workshops and summer camp culinary experiences.

JENNIFER MATTOXOur Master Live and Love in the Raw Chef and Film Maker about Teens and Nutrition is eager to share her passion with our IWE students.

ANDREA OYEN – A student of Waldorf Teaching and Education is one of the original teachers who participated in the co-creation of I-WE over the last five years and has helped us design the classroom and curriculum for the mixed ages KG program starting in September 2015.

CHRISTOPHER SCHECHTEROur Master Crystal Keeper is looking forward to mentoring our younger generation as he is just out of Massage/Energy therapy vocational school himself and remembers the struggles teens and young people often encounter. Christopher is involved in various Healing Arts, including Expression through Drums, Painting, Jewelry Making, Dream Catchers and Healing Tools. He is also passionate about teaching History and Science, focusing on the parallels between them and the principles of energetics and quantum physics and bringing skills of sustainable living to the IWE youth and larger community.

ROSEMARY SEANY – PH.D.Our Master Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Yoga teacher is also one of our lovely elders. From Germany, she also brings International flavors.

SUSAN TENISON – Our Master Garden Teacher
My name is Susan Tenison. I grew up on a large estate in Jamaica. I employed many people with whom I worked along side from the age of 6. These ‘old time’ people were my mentors and taught me the subtle ways of nature. I would like to know and participate in any way I can to helping the children of the future stay connected to the land in this rapidly growing world of technology. It is vital we pass on the teaching of the earth that sustains us, the trees that shelter us and give us good air to breath, clean rivers that give us water to drink. This can not be found by engaging the replica on our computer screen but in the simple act of getting our hands in the dirt together. From the heart, Susan.



We are growing an I-WE village in Laguna Beach for a dozen families who are like minded and wish their children to be raised with a high value system, honoring LOVE and KINDNESS along side of SAFETY as the # 1 rules for living and growing together. Our mixed ages (3-7) KG program is starting on September 14th, 2015.

On a larger scale, our dream is to have I-WE villages around the world, connecting via the web and student exchange programs, supporting each other in bringing love and healing to our planet.

We envision the children building and/or decorating their own learning space, as a way to learn to work together and realize their dream environment in a material form, knowing that whatever they envision, they can manifest with the help of their community.

We dream of fertile land where we could expand, create, share, learn and grow together. The structures could look very different depending where the I-WE communities are developed around the globe and the children’s aspirations.

Satyanna Chris Luken can be reached at 949-412-8948 or Satyanna@me.com


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